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Little Fighter 2 on Linux #2

Turns out the other post did not contain everything needed to get Little Fighter 2 running on WINE. Here is a registry value you need to set using wine regedit:





(without explanation)

  • watch auction
  • make coffee
  • get coffee
  • getting water
  • go to toilet
  • washing hands
  • take nap
  • telephone call
  • closing the windows
  • record TV program
  • turn off TV
  • eat something
  • finish 9gag tabs
  • sauna
  • take a shower
  • switch soundcards
  • something

(Created on 2016-06-12 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


LF2 as Webapp

I've read about it some time ago, but recently someone reminded me of a project. The project is to make LF2 for the browser. They're pretty far with this already. Here you can test the project.

There are still many differences between the web app and the actual game. I think in its current state it's not close to being a comparable experience. Some of the problem are:

  • Input Lag: You cannot enter moves as quickly as in the real game.
  • Different physics: When you get hit and fall, sometimes you fly away much further that you would in the actual game.
  • Some combos seem not to work. For example grab someone with Dennis and try DvA.
  • It seems grabbing also happens when pressing ^ and v, instead of only when pressing > and <, when close to an opponent in DOP.
  • The AI is totally different. It's not really much smarter, but rather a different kind of dumb. I am not sure if this is an AI one would want to have in the game, when considering other modes than VS.

However, I think the team should be congratulated to even get this far. There are some undocumented states in the characters data files, so it's really hard to achieve almost 100% compatibility. It remains to be seen if this project will one day be able to offer the real Little Fighter 2 experience in the browser. Even with LF2 now running on Linux without issues, a web app LF2 would be quite desirable, because it does not require any additional tools other than a browser to be accessable.

(Created on 2016-05-15 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Little Fighter 2 on Linux

I was told about a Little Fighter Empire Forum post describing the process of getting Little Fighter 2 to run under Linux. The post can be found here.

Let us summarize the information. Your system needs to have the following tools installed:

  • wine
  • winetricks

You need to create a wine prefix or use your default wine prefix. Use winetricks to install the following dependencies:

  • vcrun2005
  • d3dx9 (more specific: d3dx9_36)
  • wmp9

    Windows Media Player 9. It depends on some libraries which LF2 seems to depend on as well.

  • quartz

    quartz is a library with functions for DirectShow, a part of DirectX, that is responsible for playing the bgm. LF2 needs it for DirectShow to work, and then it uses the codecs from Windows Media Player. If wmp9 is not installed, the game won't run if quartz is installed.

  • devenum

    Devenum is a module that functions for the DirectShow API which enables the generation of dynamic information for a number of devices. This means that details on waveIN and waveOUT devices will be provided by this DLL. More info: http://dll.paretologic.com/detail.php/devenum

Without these 3 libraries [wmp9, quartz, devenum], LF2 bgm won't play, and the error "could not create a filter graph for this file" shows up.

The explanations for quartz and devenum dependencies were written by MangaD on my other LF2 Blog.

If anyone is experiencing trouble with installing the wmp9 stuff, you might want to check out this askubuntu link. Basically you need to have a 32bit prefix for your wine, otherwise wine will give you trouble when trying to install wmp9 and that means the above manual for playing Little FIghter 2 on Linux wont work completely.

Furthermore MangaD mentions that d3dx9 is not required.

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Thoughts on Little Fighter 2 #1

This series of posts is going to be a collection of insights about characters in Little Fighter 2. They're probably not going to be very structured. I tried to write all I know about LF2 in structured way many times, but I always ended up lacking motivation to write that much or the structure did not work. If there is going to be any structure in these posts, it's due to the perfectionist side of me forcing me, to try to infer some structure in the moment of writing.

Question: What's the most effective and efficient way to do Bat's bats move (D^J), when a new phase in Survival Mode starts?
Answer: Position Bat in the upper or lower third of the screen and get close, but not too close (maybe 1.5 dash distances) to the opponents. This way the opponents might get hit by the bats from two sides and they tend to pick you as their next target, making some of them not defend against your bats.

Question: What's the most effective way to use Bat's bats?
Answer: Bring an opponent into DoP, then do not grab them, but do the bats move instead (D^J). If you're standing more or less in the same spot as the opponent, all of the bats will hit them and it'll might deal a massive amount of damage, depending on how many bats are spawned. Of course this is only the most efficient, if you really need that one opponent gone. Or if you just want to pay some back ...

(Created on 2016-03-26 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Multiple Characters

So Panu revived this form of playing Little Fighter 2 a while ago:

Go to control settings and set the same controls for 3 players (yes for 3, not for four, believe me, 3 is best, for all the combos you can do with 3, instead of 4 characters) and connect with someone who did the same. The play survival or stage and move all your characters into a corner of the map, so that they stand all in the exact same place. Then just go on playing and have fun with 3 times as strong moves.

This requires some work when your characters get split up by the opponents, and it might be you lose characters. One more thing to look out for is the possibility to defend against your 3 times as strong moves, if they hit at exactly the same frame. For example a simple Bandit could block 3 times dash, if they happen at the same time.

Some characters simple punches or attacks become infinite combos, because the opponents can't fall to the ground when you attack them and others will cause insta-DOP plus a 3 times as strong finishing blow. You can try a lot of things, which usually wont work with only 1 character.

(Created on 2016-03-26 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


LF2 Input Notation Explained

Maybe you've come across some LF2 notation at some point already. If you know LF2 notation already, you might want to skip ahead to the extended LF2 notation. The basic LF2 notation is quite quickly explained. It simply follows the keys you press and assigns a character to them.

Basic Notation

Symbol Meaning
D Defend
A Attack
J Jump
> Right
< Left
^ Up
v Down


  • Davis: D^A = dragon punch / uppercut
  • any character: >> = run right
  • any character: << = run left
  • Deep: D^J = leap attack (or: "BI-Sprung" ;- )

If you want to describe a whole series of moves, you'd have to write text in between LF2 notation to explain what happens after one move and before the next, because LF2 notation only covers so much. Admittedly you can write something like Dennis: A + A + < + >> + A. However, there are some issues with this:

This only possible, for moves, which consist of one part and thus always deal the same amount of damage, regardless of hitting early or late in the duration of execution of the move.

There is ambiguity in the notation. For example Deep's leap attack: Deep: D^J + A could also mean "Do the leap attack jump, land on the ground and then press the attack button." You cannot refer to any single parts of moves. For example you cannot express, that the last hit of Dennis' DvA shall not hit.

Extended Notation

The extended notation includes the elements of the basic notation, but also contains the following additional elements:

Symbol Meaning
R run
_ while the action belonging to the input immediately before the underscore is being executed, the action immediately after the underscore is done
1X / 2X / 3X ... only one part of a move, which consists of multiple equally damaging parts.
1 or 2 or 3 or ... or 1-2 or 1-2-3 or 2-3-4 the move consists of multiple parts, which are not equally damaging, let the n-th part or parts hit, where n equals the numbers
L modifies the move immediately before the L, last part of a move, which consists of parts, which are not equally damaging
F modifies the move immediately before the F, first part of a move, which consists of parts, which are not equally damaging
N after a move the opponent still receives some damage, for example falling damage from Freeze's whirlwind.


  • Deep: D^J_A (leap, leap attack, 78 damage) compared to D^J + A (either leap, leap attack, 78 damage or leap, touch ground, attack, 35 damage)
  • Only the last hit of Deep: DvA: DvAL
  • Only the first three hits of Dennis DvA: DvA1-2-3

(Created on 2016-03-26 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #9

Here are some "new" ones.

  • Not even so Bat (when the score table shows)
  • Q.: Whom do you not want to watch over you? A.: Bat, because it's going to sting when he watches you.
  • Q.: Why would Hunter / Julian make an excellent alchemist? A.: Because he can turn arrows into stones.
  • Mark your progress!

(Created on 2016-03-26 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #8

Here are some "new" ones.

  • "Jackass!"
  • Why does Jack get through all airport controls? - Because he always jacks in (checks in).
  • Shoot over the Mark.
  • Don't miss the Mark.

(Created on 2015-04-06 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #7

Although I recently posted some, we already got new ones for you:

  • See you later to knight!
  • You knighted, we stand!
  • You knighted states.
  • Jackpot!
  • Why are the Wong brothers evil? They only included the Bat in the game, not the good.

(Created on 2015-03-22 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #6

Here are three new ones:

  • They want to mork you! (Mark)
  • Mark my words!
  • On my mark!
  • Mark up language

(Created on 2015-03-18 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


LF2 Lobby on Linux

To use LF2 Lobby (from lf2lobby.com) with WINE, you need to install the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime 6, otherwise it doesn't start and will give a message about missing msvbvm60.dll.

It seems necessary to proceed in the following order:

  1. start Little Fighter 2
  2. enter the "connect to opponent" view
  3. start the LF2 Lobby
  4. create a game in the LF2 Lobby
  5. let everyone else connect to your game
  6. connect to your game
  7. start the game using the button in LF2 Lobby

Once, when I didn't do it in this order, I had the following issue:

  • I entered the connect to opponent view, but no matter which IP address I entered, LF2 immediately told me it couldn't connect to the specified server.

There is one other thing you should not do:

  • maximize the LF2 window before clicking "start game" in the LF2 Lobby, because you won't be able to switch to the LF2 Lobby window once LF2 is maximized and not responding because you already connected.

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Recordings of 24th of December 2014

So ... this is what Little Fighter 2 has in mind as a Christmas present for me ...

(Created on 2014-12-24 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Recordings of 23rd of December 2014

Yesterday we almost made ourselves the best christmas present we could've wished for:

  • Original Survival Mode, 3 Player, Crazy, Stage 30: Download

Julian was already dead and Panu was fighting for his life there. He almost beat all of them alone after Dragon and I died, but in the end it was not enough. I couldn't help myself to cry out "Nooooo!" when he died in stage 30.

This might not have been a successful attempt on finally beating stage 30, but it showed us, that stage 30 is beatable, even if we don't use unfair means like Henry's Sonatha of Death.

(Created on 2014-12-23 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #5

  • The bottom is bottled up. (There a a lot of bottles left at the bottom.)
  • The top is bottled down. (There a a lot of bottles left at the top.)

(Created on 2014-08-28 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


World Record and funny stuff

Today we made a world record attempt again and this time we succeeded. This time we tried 3x LouisEx on Difficult Survival Mode. We reached stage 77, which is quite good. Personally I hoped for stage 78, but we were on the brink of death for such a long time, that stage 77 is still a satisfying result. In the same recording we have some good combos and other funny stuff:

  • Firzen single-handedly kicks our asses - Stage 29
  • 738 damage combo on Knight - Stage 30
  • Super skilled Knights trick Dragon and deal good damage - Stage 30
  • 483 damage combo on Julian - Stage 60

Here is the recording: Download


Bad LF2 Jokes #4

I know, everyone has been waiting for this... Here they are:

  • There are some bottles, right? - There are some bottles left!
  • Are there some bottles left? - That's right, there are some bottles left on the left.
  • He's playing it very shrafe.

(Created on 2014-09-07 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Not allowed to fight in Survival Mode

Today something happened, which never happened to us before.

Dragon was not allowed to participate in survival mode for one entire stage. How did it happen? See for yourself:

It happens in the stage before the stage, in which we all die, so it's pretty close to the end of the recording.

(Created on 2014-08-26 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Recordings of 17th August 2014

Here are 2 good recordings from our LF2 session today:

Zelphir: John
Dragon: Deep
Panu: Rudolf (Henry (without flute))
Mode: Survival Mode (Kranke Stage)
Difficulty: Difficult
Reached Stage: 48
Link: Download

Zelphir: John
Dragon: Deep
Panu: Rudolf (Freeze)
Mode: Survival Mode (Kranke Stage)
Difficulty: Difficult
Reached Stage: 48
Link: Download

To play the recordings you might need the Kranke Stage, which you can download from the download section.

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Bad LF2 Jokes #3

Today it's only one, don't worry!

  • Why is Jack not allowed to be on planes? - Because he hijacks them.

(Created on 2014-08-17 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #2

  • What are you up to? (after a combo or move which causes someone to fly upwards)
  • What are you down to? (after knockdown)
  • Which is the best move in LF2? - Rudolf's 5 stars, because it's the only 5 star movement.

(Created on 2014-08-15 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Bad LF2 Jokes #1

This is the beginning of a collection of bad LF2 jokes, mostly made by Panu while we are playing LF2 :D

  • That was Justin time.
  • Bat timing.
  • What is the deepest character in LF2?
  • Now you're in deep shit.
  • Now you're deep in the woods.
  • Why would it be difficult to find Julian, if he was hiding? - He can have so many faces ...
  • Do you know why Julian is a good clown? - He can make so many faces.
  • What is Julian's favorite website? - Facebook ...
  • Why can't John make it in a LF2 tournament? - Because he got disk error.
  • What is Firzen's favorite food? - It's Thai food.
  • What do you call a dead LouisEx? - ExEx.
  • What is Julian's favorite TV show? - The Big Bang Theory.
  • Did you know Julian created the universe? - With the Big Bang.
  • Why does Dennis do so much drugs? - He gets the kick out of it.
  • What's Davis favorite drink? - A punch.

(Created on 2014-08-13 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Recordings (28. March 2014)

  • Beat Stage 5 on Crazy attempt by Zelphir, Panu and T@l: Download

(Created on 2014-03-28 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Funny Things

Often when playing Little Fighter 2 the AI does weird stuff that makes me grin or laugh. This is one of the more common ones:

Louis Grab Bug

(Created on 2014-03-27 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Recordings (23rd of March 2014)

Panu, Tal and I reached stage 30 on Crazy with Bat, LouisEx and Freeze: Download the recording here.

This is not a new records, since Dragon, Dr.Death and I already reached stage 30 (Link), but it's still a good recording and it shows, that we are able to repeatedly reach stage 30 on Crazy using characters including Bat and LouisEx, excluding Firzen and Julian.

(Created on 2014-03-23 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)


Initial Blog Post

Hello everyone. This is a blog about the Beat 'em Up game for Windows Little Fighter 2. On this blog I'll post news, recordings, interesting facts, useful links and other things Little Fighter 2 related.

(Created on 2014-03-23 by Zelphir Kaltstahl)